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Coaching is key to success. 

Coaching is increasingly regarded as an important professional 
development tool for executives and future key leaders.
Coaching provides one-on-one interaction with an independent 
third party who can provide practical, objective feedback.
Essential areas that can be developed and enhanced through coaching include:

Executive Skills:  Setting a vision
                              Clarifying a mission
                              Establishing goals
                              Aligning the organization
                              Developing strategies

Leadership:          Motivating,  influencing and developing others
                              Establishing credibility
                              Communicating effectively
Effectiveness:       Maintaining a life-work balance
                              Managing time
                              Managing stress
APPROACH - Each coaching engagement is built on a relationship with a 
client/individual who is committed to positive change.

A customized coaching plan is designed to meet each individual's specific 
executive/leader development needs.  This plan is based upon initial discussions, 
an evaluation of existing conditions and expectations and a needs assessment that 
considers all aspects of the the individual's roles, responsibilities, and aspirations. 

In order to ensure success, the coach schedules ongoing guidance 
and feedback sessions with the individual. 

Contact us to learn how your company can benefit from executive coaching.
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