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Campana Consulting is an independent distributor of products from Inscape Publishing, an international publisher of quality instruments and programs designed to increase self-awareness and improve personal effectiveness, thereby improving organizational performance. Inscape is committed to developing products that simplify and personalize complex issues of human behavior, thus helping people discover and capitalize on their strengths and value differences, and work together successfully.
You may choose to use the facilitator kits described or arrange with Campana Consulting to provide training on any of the products listed.



EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) is an online platform that provides a simple way to access Inscape’s most advanced learning instruments via the Internet.  EPIC-based profiles offer advantages even Inscape’s paper instruments can’t match —   the “EPIC Edge.”   Click here for a PDF about EPIC."  (See price list below)


The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team   View Brochure (PDF)  (Contact us for pricing)

Designed exclusively for intact teams and work groups, the program harnesses the power of Everything DiSC and the clarity and simplicity of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team model.

Work of Leaders View Brochure (PDF)  (See price list below)

Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages to understand their own leadership behavior and how they impart their effectiveness.

363TM for Leaders:   View Brochure (PDF)  (See price list below)

A 360 for DiSC users.  Not just any 360 – it combines the best 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC, plus three strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.  The result is a 360 experience that is both productive and satisfying.

Productive Conflict Profile:  View Brochure (PDF)  (See price list below)

Focuses on transforming uncomfortable encounters into stronger relationships.

Management Profile:  View Brochure (PDF)  (See price list below)

Focuses on your DiSC management style, directing and delegating, motivation, developing others, and working with your manager.  Learn about your strengths and challenges as a manager and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people you manage – making you a more effective manager.

Sales Profile:   View Brochure (PDF)  (See price list below)

Focuses on understanding your DiSC style, recognizing and understanding customer buying styles, and adapting your sales style to your customer’s buying style.  Customer Interaction Maps are follow-up reports that help sales and business development people adapt their selling style to meet the needs of each customer.  These one-age reports are the perfect personalized guide sheets to prepare for sales calls.  And participants get unlimited access – at no additional charge.

Workplace Profile:  View Brochure (PDF)  (See price list below)

Focuses on understanding your DiSC style, understanding other styles, and building more effective relationships.    

Comparison Reports:  

Follow-up reports can be created for any two participants of the above profiles to illustrate their similarities and differences at no additional charge.


Other EPIC Profiles

DiSC® Classic      View Brochure (PDF)  (See price list below)

Bring out the best in your employees.  DiSC Classic can help employees at all levels understand their own behavior, learn how and when to adapt their behavior, improve communication, promote appreciation of differences, enhance individual and team performance, and reduce conflict.  

Personal Listening Profile ®        View Brochure (PDF) (See price list below)

People filter out or change the intended meaning of what they hear in 70% of all communications! The biggest contributing factor is using a listening approach which is not appropriate for the environment or the message being communicated. The Personal Listening Profile® helps you identify your preferred listening approach and develop an appreciation for the listening approaches of others. It identifies five listening approaches and their appropriate use. Performance in the team-oriented, diversity-conscious depends on listening well.

Time Mastery Profile®        View Brochure (PDF) (See price list below)

The Time Mastery Profile® helps you identify your biggest "time robbers", and includes a comprehensive workbook with practical tips to improve your time-management skills. The workbook supplies a detailed framework for a personal action plan in 12 categories. The Profile is self-administered and self-scoring, making it ideal for self-study.
Facilitator Kits
Facilitator Kits are available to help you administer and train with the above Profiles. Kits contain everything you need to conduct training sessions, including research reports, fully scripted seminars, handouts, and PowerPoint presentations.

Click here for a complete Catalog of Learning Solutions

Partnering, construction, strategic planning


Credits $4.30 each  One-time account setup - $193.50

Everything DiSC®  

Work of Leaders
EPIC Report - 25 Credits/$107.50

363TM for Leaders
EPIC Report - 50 Credits/$215.00 

Management Profile
EPIC Report - 25 Credits/$107.50

Productive Conflict Profile
EPIC Report - 20 Credits/$86.00

Sales Profile
EPIC Report - 25 Credits/$107.50

Workplace Profile
EPIC Report - 15 Credits/$64.50 

A Facilitation Kit for each of the above Everything DiSC products is available for $1,195.00

Other EPIC Profiles

DiSC® Classic 2.0 
EPIC Report - 15 credits/$64.50  

DiSC® Classic 2 Plus 
EPIC Report - 25 Credits/107.50

DiSC® Classic Facilitation System for Products above - $1,675

Personal Listening Profile
EPIC Report - 10 credits/$43.00 

Time Mastery Profile®
EPIC Report - 10 credits/$43.00
 A Facilitation Kit for each of the above EPIC products is available for $600.00


Tax, shipping and handling additional. Prices effective as of January 1, 2018.
Prices, valid only in the USA, are subject to change.

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