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Strategic Planning Model

Strategic Planning is designing a desired future and identifying ways in the long, medium, and short- term to bring it about. Its cardinal purpose is to discover opportunities to exploit and threats to overcome.


To Date  (Past Accomplishments and Capabilities)

Who? Who are we?

Corporate Culture

Resources: Personnel Leadership; Technical    Expertise; Facilities; & Equipment

Why? Why are we in business?

Values; Purpose; Goals; Motivation

What? What got us where we are today?

Current Practices; Decision-making              

External: Customers; Suppliers; Community

Internal - All employees

Where? Where are we doing business?

Markets; Value package

When? When did we achieve significant accomplishments and are our current milestones?

How? How do we operate?

Planning; Performance measurements


Gap Analysis  (What’s needed to get from present to future?)


    Strengths; Weaknesses


    Opportunities; Threats

Future (Future Accomplishments and Capabilities)


Who? Who do we want to become in terms of our leadership; resources; personnel, etc.?

Why? Why will we be in business?   (Consider our values, motives and ideals).

What? What will our future processes and practices look like as related to our internal and external interests?

Where? Where do we want to be doing business in the future?

When? When will our goals be met?   (Further defined as specific, quantifiable goals during the strategic planning process)

How? How do we plan to achieve these goals?  (Further defined in action plans during the tactical planning process)






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