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"Partnering is Vital to the Success of Construction Projects."

Partnering is a way for everyone who has a stake in a project to express their objectives, concerns and values up front.

Partnering is a team approach to solving problems, meeting challenges, and moving toward shared goals.

Partnering is key to project success.

Benefits of Partnering

Expedites the project

Promotes innovation

Facilitates decision making

Identifies problems early

Uses group problem solving

Fosters win-win attitudes

Reduces exposure to litigation

Key Elements


Equity for all stakeholders

Teamwork and trust

Mutual goals

Joint strategies

Continuous evaluation

Timely responsiveness

Our Approach
Our workshop deals with real-world problems in a real-time manner through concept presentation, facilitated discussion and team exercises. The curriculum is based on guidelines set forth by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). The workshop is followed by periodic progress sessions to keep the program on track.  
Workshop Objectives

Encourage cooperation & trust

Reduce conflict and stress

Convey values/value systems

Open lines of communication

Set problem-solving methods

Set process/progress tracking

Document agreed-upon goals

Who Should Attend?
The workshop is designed specifically for representatives from each major stakeholder involved in a project, including the owners, project managers, designers/architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors.

Sample Agenda


Introductions and Overview

Workshop Objectives

Individual and Team Identity

Personal and Company Values

Individual and Team Goals

Project Mission and Objectives

Team Building

Resolving Issues

Tracking Performance Goals

Barriers to a Successful Project

Dynamic Problem Solving

Following up



Note: Workshops are tailored to meet specific needs.

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