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Thoughts about Being a More Effective Listener

Proven Listening Techniques

Be ready to listen - sometimes the other person's first few words are the most important (e.g. "Hi, I'm George and this is my associate Bonnie." or "Ten sixty-six - that was the year of the Battle of Hastings.")  

Listen through handicaps to listening - Work around/through
such distractions as the accent of the speaker,
a noisy room, other conversations, etc.

Identify the main points and supporting points of the
message - work at "getting" what the other person is
trying to communicate.

Organize the points of the message so they make sense to
you - When practical, feed back your understanding of
what is being said to the speaker.

Avoid focusing on what you intend to say next.


The greatest problem with communication is
the illusion that is has been achieved.


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