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Quality is Vital

Higher quality means exceeding customer expectations through increased process efficiency and productivity. This can lead to lower costs, improved profits and a greater market share.

Seeking to improve quality means adopting a new philosophy - a new way of operating - which focuses on people and processes rather than on slogans and good intentions.

Total Quality Performance (TQP), which encourages and allows people to directly and constantly upgrade quality, requires leadership by managers at all levels; the use of teams to work on and improve processes; and the ability to apply fact-based decision making tools, including statistical process control.

This approach to achieving consistently higher quality through a commitment to continuous improvement is rooted in the works of such American quality pioneers as W. Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, Walter Shewhart, and Philip Crosby.

Our focus is on the quality training needs of clients who either do not have a training department, or have training needs which are beyond in-house training capabilities due to complexity or staff overload.
Our goal is to provide relevant, effective training and consultation which is tailored to defined client needs, goals and objectives.
Our ability to achieve this is based in experience and qualifications described in Company Background and demonstrated in the following approach.
Quality Offerings
We provide training and related consultation and support in all areas of TQP.   Following are examples of the Total Quality areas we address:



Strategic Planning

Culture Change

    Organizational Assessment

Change Management

Principles of Coaching



Team Building
Customer Relations
    Effective Communication
Dealing with Change
Conflict Resolution
Effective Meetings



Decision Tools:
Flow Charts
Check Sheets
    Cause and Effect Diagrams
Affinity Diagrams
Pareto Charts
Control Charts


We tailor our approach to meet specific client needs by choosing from the subjects listed and adding others, as needed.


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